The LM Beatdown Series is intended for those dedicated LM Fans looking for some additional structured competitive play to supplement the Tuesday night public, free-for-all, sessions.  Dedicated night of the week is Thursday nights (with some flexibility). 

There will be a 12-game regular season, an All-Star game, followed by playoff rounds and a final match-up to determine a winner. 

For all rules and other details, read on.  


Visit the registration page for more details.


Once Registration closes, one captain for each team will be selected.  Captains will consist of comparably skilled players.  Captains are only required to participate in the draft to select teams, come up with a name for their Team and select maps as needed during the playoff rounds.


The Draft
Prior to each new season, the Captains will participate in a draft during which registered players will be selected and Teams will be formed.

With the idea of fairness in mind, the pick order in each round will vary, such that no Captain will ever pick first in 2 consecutive rounds. 

The league will start the Thursday following the draft / team formations.


The Maplist
Each Season, an initial list of 10-15 maps will be selected for the Regular Season.  2 maps will be assigned to each week of regular season play.

In the playoffs, there will be a separate maplist.  each team will be expected to pick 3 maps from the list for each of its playoff rounds.  One will be their 1st choice in the best of three series.  The other 2 are in case the opponents also select the same first choice map and/or are used to select the team's tie-breaker in the event it earns the right to select the third map in the best of three series.


Match & TeamSpeak and Ventrilo Servers
We will have two (2) designated match servers:

     --  Nyx Match Server:  lm.ravenhurst.com:27911  ("
Server 1")
     --  Cerberus Match Server:  lm.ravenhurst.com:27912  ("
Server 2")

Ventrilo Server: port 3813

TeamSpeak Hos
t: ringers.teamspeak3.com
TeamSpeak password: ringers



Games will be held every Thursday night at around 10-10:15 pm and 11 PM EST.

In much the same way we do for Tuesday pick-up games, each week each participant will receive emails about upcoming matches and will be asked to respond if the player will not make one or both of the scheduled games. If there is no response, we will assume the player is able to make them both.

On Thursday (match night), players will receive an email about the night's games with roster confirmations, server details and passwords.


Match Times
Each match will be 20 minutes and all matches are subject to the Mercy Rule, see below.


Determining Team Color

For games starting on Week 1, the league will assign each team to a team color (red or blue).  After Week 1 and during the Regular Season, the team entering the match that is seeded lower will have the option of picking the team color.

During the playoffs, the visiting team (i.e. the team not choosing the map) decides the team color.


Sitting Comparably Drafted Players
-- Regular Season only.
There will be situations where one team may have to sit one of its players on account of absent players from the opposing squad. In the event the opposing team has a full squad, as a rule, the player that sit must be the draft round counter-part of the absent player from the opposing team. For example, if TEAM 1 is missing it's first round player one night, if TEAM 2 has their full squad they must sit their first round player. 


The Playoffs will determine the Season's champions and it's all about winning and moving on.  Although good sportsmanship and fairness is always encouraged, the regular season rules for sitting players
do not apply to the playoffs.  Teams have absolute discretion on who they decide to play against their opponents. 


Comparably Drafted Substitutions
-- Regular Season only.
A team missing one or two of its players during the regular season may ask to borrow a comparably drafted player from one of the other teams in the league in order to play a 4v4 or 5v5 (as the case may be). 

A maximum of 2 subs may be used; however, the team must maintain a majority of its original roster (i.e. 3 originals, 2 subs is ok -- 2 originals and 2 subs is not permitted).


No substitutions during any Playoff rounds will be permitted. 


The Mercy Rule
Although the league is called the "BEATDOWN", all games / matches throughout the competition will be subject to a Mercy Rule. If, at any point in the game, one team is leading by 8 caps, the match will be over.



As a general rule, no one except (i) [BEATDOWN]ref and (ii) members of the 2 teams playing in a particular match may observe and match.

When observing a match, players can only observe their respective team by typing the following commands in the console:

--  observe_red
--  observe_blue

Please note:  it will be impossible to police any rule stating the observers cannot be on the teams' voice communications, so the default position is that this will be allowed.  So  long as observers are observing only their own teammates, they can assist their players with communications calling out what they see while observing.  


Point System

Games will be decided by the number of caps (not points).  Each Team will earn 2 pts for every win, 1 point for every tie and 1 extra point to the team with the most points in the event of a tie.


There will be a two-week window for scheduling each best-of-three playoff round match-up at a convenient time.  If no earlier rescheduling occurs, Round 1 will take place 2 Thursdays following the end of the Regular Season.  Each subsequent Round will (by default) be scheduled 2 Thursdays following the end of the preceding round. 

Team positioning will be determined by the number of points earned during regular season play.  In Round 1, 1st place will play last place, 2nd place will play 2nd-to-last place and so on and so forth

Each Season, there will be a separate Playoff maplist from which teams will pick three maps in order of preference for each playoff round.  The first map will be its No. 1 pick, while the two others are that team's possible tie-breaker maps.

The higher seeded team can decide whether they want to play their map pick first or second. 

The team picking the map can pick the team color; the other team can pick the server to play.

In the event of a tie after two maps, the team scoring the most caps (or points, if caps are even) will pick the tie-breaker map from the maps selected by the teams that remain unplayed.
The winner of each round will proceed to play each other in the finals - tentatively schedule for 2 Thursdays following the end of the previous round.


Deviations from Standard Rules
Teams may decide to deviate or modify these rules for particular agreed upon matches; however, no exceptions will be permitted without the league's formal approval. 

Questions / Concerns / Feedback
If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, feel free to contact Seedless.